right so for my first post I wanted to talk about grieved. few bands can convey emotion the way grieved can. harrowed "into inferno". cursed "one". young and in the way "i am not what I am". 3 albums that can do this like no other. grieved "Samaritans" belongs on that list. very powerful shit right here. their new album comes out in a few weeks so ive got their first 2 releases here for you (ageing & samaritans). they do have a split out there that I do not have yet.

also wanted to take a minute and thank adam for the opportunity here. been a fan of this blog for a long time and really excited to be a part of it. and being the old grey bearded bastard that I am, ive spent a lot of time buried in all things heavy dark and filthy for a long time so I thought id try to upload more older albums some of you may have missed. ill keep up with the new ones too but really adam and the legend chris do that really well so I thought id go the opposite direction.


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ADAM said...

Welcome, jerm! And cheers for the Grieved. They are new to me but I am loving this shit.