Cleveland.....its a dump. but if you look beyond its shitty sports teams, the joke that is the rock and roll hall of fame, drew carey, and a lake of fire, there are at least 3 amazing things that came from there. everyone knows 1 and 2 being integrity and ringworm but standing up there out of focus and overshadowed on that bronze medal podium is pale creation. underrated. severely. maybe its because their recording was very sporadic at best over the last 20 plus years. 1 full length that came out in 1999 and a few splits and eps scattered around it. in my opinion they were just as good as the 2 getting the spotlight. just as dark as integrity and just as aggressive as ringworm. in the links below I have the discography from 2008 that contains the full length and some demos and other recordings and then the second link is for some of the later material. also is a link for a389 who I know released a vinyl reissue of twilight haunt and some other material. I haven't checked to see what they have left but head over there anyway and im sure youll find many things worthwhile as its one of the best hardcore labels going right now.

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