R.I.P. HEKSED [2008-2014]


Unfortunately, Heksed decided to call it quits the other day via a message from their guitarist on Facebook. The main reasons are medical conditions and general lack of production, but you should go read the post and pay your respects yourself. Heksed was from Oslo, Norway, and over the course of 3 releases, they had managed to master walking the very very fine line between metal and hardcore. They always reminded me a lot of the Belgium band Worms Feed or a more metallic Baptists. Throw in a dash of Cursed and The Swarm and you have yourself the perfect thrash/hardcore band. One thing that always stood out for me about this band was their awesomely superior, and dark graphic design. Their logo is cool as shit and their imagery was always scary as fuck. They mention there may be a return of the band sometime in the future but you never know. In the meantime, start listening to them right now. Their split with Deathseekers is the only thing still in print (I think), so start by buying that. And if you like this stuff, you should give them some $$$ on bandcamp. These are instant classics.

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1. Bleeding In A Red Dress
2. Shallow
3. Mater
4. She Walks On Thorns
5. Trash Your Demons
6. The Prophet
7. Bloodstains
8. Fracture

1. Damned And Dead
2. Waylands Knot
3. Suffer/Fear
4. Blodets Forbannelse
5. Det Brennende Lys
6. Heilbringer - The Prophet 2

You can buy a CD that combines their Self Titled LP & Plague Embrace at SWARM OF NAILS

1. Human Filler
2. Nine Year Collapse

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