You guys must be fed up with bands abusing that Entombed- Boss HM2, aren’t you? You thought that it was ok that Rotten Sound has been basing its guitar tone for so many albums in this piece of gear, but after Trap Them it only got trendier and trendier. But you know what? who fucking cares. Don’t make me quote that Nails dude again. Me personally? I am more concerned about snare drum clones, shit sickens me. Anyway… 

So, going back to pedals and other stuff. HM2, d-beat “beats” and pace, growls ov death, gory/ugly/negative lyrics, old school death metal worshiping sound, hardcore punk dontgiveafuckness, among other shite, are musical ingredients you can find in a ton of bands I won’t list list. That's what has been tagged as “Entombedcore”. Horses, lonesome men being men, american west (sometimes) via Almeria, gunslingers, stagecoach robbery, whiskey abuse, whores, saloons, crime, railroads, trains, few black men per film, etc. are elements of some kind of films called Western. So you wouldn’t get excited if you get offered the same menu always. But how do they cook it? that’s what makes it worth to check, taste, get drunk or high on them. 

These 5 cooks hailing from Arizona serve it deliciously. Apparently they formed in 2013 and are influenced by bands like Dismember, Carnage, Entombed, Grave, Unleashed, Bolt Thrower and Obituary. And that is what you get from them, a headrippin’ death metal pastiche with some hardcore punk huffed glue, what already was addressed. This is waaaaay more interesting and catchy than bands like Entrails or Miasmal (sorry :(). This guys would even get an applause from Nicke Andersson. 

To the date they have released a 4 song self titled EP, which you can grab from their webshop for a few bucks, and a tshirt if you fancy. The release is also available for paywhatthefuckyou want on their bandcamp. I really recommend this record. Do as I did: spin some Left hand path to Crawl Entombed, get nostalgic about why they don’t release stuff THAT sweet anymore, not that their new stuff is shit or anything, and then hit this release. It will be relieving… very relieving.

- download -
1. Void Below
2. Force Fed
3. Overdose
4. Slave

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