BOAK - Self Titled

"Boak" is Scottish slang meaning vomit or feelings of excessive nausea. This makes sense as this band is from Aberdeen, Scotland and the cover art they used is some asshole getting gored in the neck, which could make some people queasy. Boak consists of former/current members of Prelude To The Hunt, Filthpact, Dirtdrinker & Cleavers. They have played with bands including Iron Lung, Full of Hell, Disciples of Christ, Coke Bust. Download their demo now, and be on the lookout for a possible vinyl release in the future.

- download -
1. Just A Game
2. E.S.F.C.B.
3. Who Is The Animal Here
4. Slaves
5. The Yeild
6. Protein

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Aylmer said...

Fuck that's an insane photo. And yeah, he deserved it.