SLOW METH - Rat Garbage


Feeling a little sluggish after stuffing your face with hotdogs while celebrating your national independence? Then sit down and listen to some super spastic, intense. female-fronted emotive drug core from Oakland, CA. This demo/EP release is made up of 7 frantic tunes that clock in at just under 10 minutes. Most of the song titles are instant classics, my favorite being "Captain America, Fuck You". So check this shit out now. They sound exactly like what  you are imagining. Then light some sparklers and go jump off your roof.

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1. I'm Glad You Can't Shit
2. Randy, I Am The Liquor
3. Sounds Like Godzilla
4. Captain America, Fuck You
5. Listerine Baptism
6. Count Staphula
7. Move To Emeryville

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