BODDICKER - Crime Upheaval


Boddicker, from Indianapolis, IN, formed in 2012 and named themselves after Clarence Boddicker, the arch villain from Robocop. They felt this a fitting monicker because the character Boddicker is an uncompromising, cold-blooded criminal and killer, and they wanted their music to represent the same characteristics. Their influences range the gamut of 80's UK grind and crust, old school death metal, New York, Scandinavian, and Japanese hardcore, powerviolence, Eyehategod, and everything Glenn Danzig did in between 1976 and 1994. As well as crime, anarchy, and disruption of the status quo.

They have two cassette "demos" out entitled "Mitch Is The Bastard" and "False Flag", as well as a split with Indianapolis blackened thrashers Kata Sarka that was released on cassette in 2012 and re-released on vinyl 7" via Reality Is A Cult and later Profane Existence in 2013. Recently, they also released a split 7" with Indianapolis sludge grinders Late August, and a split tape with Ft. Wayne punk band Parasitic Twins. A four way split tape and LP with Nuclear Hellfrost, Paucities, and Misanthropic Noise will be released imminently. They have members that have and currently spend time in cult Fog, The Electric Hellfire Club, Ptahil, and Black Goat of the Woods, as well as filling in for the Lurking Corpses and San Francisco's Acephalix.

You've got to check out their latest, "Crime Upheaval". It was available via cassette, but it sold out during their most recent tour. It is available for a "name your price" option on bandcamp digitally:

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