O Canada!

I just by chance realized tonight that I started this blog exactly 1 year ago today. I never knew how much work it would actually be to maintain this thing, but I also had no idea how rewarding it could be. I've discovered a TON of new bands, developed awesome relationships with other blogs, filled up my hard drive with MP3's, gone broke buying vinyl from random places in Europe for some obscure, amazing bands, and also became friends with a true musical hero of mine. It's definitely been worth the effort and I hope you feel the same, and I hope you continue to stop by, even if my posting slows down from time to time. Thanks & Happy 4th!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog man. Its only because of places like this that so much great music reaches its target. My ears.

eraser said...

congratulations guys, keep with the god work here

ADAM said...

Thanks Anon & Eraser!!