I always get excited when I hear about a good band that's actually within driving distance from me. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that Northern Widows are from Columbus, OH. They play a desperate, guttural brand of hardcore that I would most compare to Host, Narratives, Funeral Chic or Young And In The Way. And, they've already played shows with Full Of Hell, Enabler, Black Mask, Iron Reagan & Occultist. Their 7-song EP is thankfully not just a straight-ahead blast of power chords and screaming, it slows down and speeds up and never gets boring. Some of it is haunting, some is menacing, but most importantly it stays heavy and interesting. Grab it below or stream it on Bandcamp, and if you like it, buy a digital copy there for $5. If you need more of a tactile release, you can pre-order a cassette version from Head2Wall Records.

- download -
1. Boundaries & Vices
2. The Blessing Way
3. Standing On The Shoulders Of Omega
4. The Ghosts Of My Sins Are Consuming Me
5. Three Storms
6. A Clock Without A Craftsman
7. Big Death

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