Bad news, it looks like Esoteric Youth is playing what might be their last show tonight in Camden, UK. By the time this goes up, the show may have already happened because I'm an American and here in the States, we have no clue what time it is anywhere else on the planet. Esoteric Youth has been around since 2012 and have released 3 cassettes and a 7". They are all fantastic and represent pretty much what this blog is all about - dark & blackened hardcore. Downloading their catalog is a no-brainer, and don't feel guilty, all of this is sold-out anyway. Enjoy, and here's to hoping that new bands are formed out of their demise.

- download -
1. Kvarblivelse
2. Förlåt

You can purchase Esoteric Youth/Caina split cassette from SWARM OF NAILS

1. Disease
2. Senicide
3. The Burden Of Living
4. Weltschmerz

1. Instinct
2. Minerva

1. Waldensamkeit
2. Canis Pullus
3. Illunga
4. Litost
5. Hive Collapse


SWARMofNAILS said...

The tape version of the split with Caina is available here: http://swarmofnails.limitedrun.com/products/524758-son-r46-esoteric-youth-caina-tape

ADAM said...

Thanks. Must have missed that. I updated the post. Thanks for running such a cool label