CATHEDRAL FEVER - All Pit, No Pendulum


Check out this pummeling new EP by Cathedral Fever, a 4-piece from St. Louis, MO. This isn't your standard 4-minute, blast beat-laden, hardcore EP. Nope, these are 7 huge, unpredictable, dark songs clocking in at over 21 minutes. The two biggest compliments I can give this band is that; 1. They'll give you an impending feeling of doom without sounding like a doom band; and 2. Their songs are complex but don't end up sounding like Converge. The band often gets compared to Cursed and Black Breath, but the bands that came to my mind as I listened were Ancient Shores, Maranatha, Hollow Tongue and Nesseria. So, if you are a fan of anything listed above, do yourself a favor and grab this now.

- download (ZS) -
1. Spiders Encircle
2. Monolithic Rapture
3. Black Ark Cometh
4. Synthetic Echo
5. Oblivion Bed
6. Cavern Of The Rapid Eye
7. Reprisal At The Dawn Of Genesis

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