OFFENSE - Self Titled


Here comes the soundtrack to your epileptic attack! Offense, a 4-piece powerviolence band from France released a Demo last year with 4 songs. What you'll find in this demo is about 5 minutes of raging powerviolence for fans of IRON LUNG, WEEKEND NACHOS or DESPISE YOU.

Their songs are a mixture of slow sludgy stuff, exploding HC and grinding punk... and before you even noticed that the song started, the demo is already over. Get a free download and hear yourself!

These songs made their way to a 10" picture disc release limited to 300 copies on Knives Out Records. Looks like it was supposed to be released in June 2014, but either it's already sold out or there was a delay, because I don't see the record for sale anywhere. If you really want to find out, get in touch with the record label.

- download (ZS) -
1. Disillusionment
2. Hopeless
3. Vexed
4. To Wind Up Young

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