My pal Krustie from The Elementary Revolt turned me on to this killer band, Septimo Inferno, from Santiago, Chile. Their band name translates to "Seventh Hell" in English, and it's definitely fitting. This 5-song EP will take you down a terrifying path that any fan of sludge, hardcore or metal would enjoy. These song are HUGE and very heavy, I especially enjoy the distorted bass turned way up in the mix. Rarely do you see a hardcore EP break the 10-minute mark, and this monster clocks in just over 17, and it flies by. Definitely check this out if you are a fan of Coliseum, Deathrite, Depravation, The Swarm or Throats.

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1. Intro...
2. Xaphan
3. Martirio
4. Krieg
5. Condenados

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Krustie said...

They's guys are a awesome discovery...thanks for review Adam.