GIDIM - Self Titled


Cassettes... Raw production... Minimalistic layout... Lets get deeeep underground with GIDIM from Chicago, IL who released their S/T cassette in May of this year!

This one-man project shifts between old school black metal in the style of earlier Dark Throne to depressive black metal and atmospheric slow parts... covered in (still bearable) necro sound. Choking vocals, crushing riffs, raging blast beats... nice stuff.

GIDIM manages to reanimate an old sound with some musical variation towards punk and sludge. Worth a listen if youre into black metal of then and now. Downloadable for free.. the first run of cassettes (50 copies) are already sold out, so stay tuned for more as a split tape with Leather Chalice is on the horizon.

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1. I
2. II
3. III

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