HUSK - Hymns


Have a listen to HUSK’s debut EP ‘Hymns’ - an ugly slab of blackened Northern European hardcore that brings to mind a blend of Converge, Rotten Sound, Black Breath, Cursed and Skitsystem. With production handled by KVELERTAK guitarist Bjarte Lund Rolland at Caliban Studios in Oslo, ‘Hymns’ seethes ugliness and nihilism, drawing on elements of grindcore, hardcore, d-beat, crust and metal to create HUSK’s unique, negative sound. Free download or donate at their Bandcamp page to make 10" vinyl a possibility.

- download -
1. Howl
2. Ruins
3. Prey
4. Keelhaul
5. Harvest
6. Sedlec
7. Babel

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Anonymous said...

This is almost as good as harrowed. Almost.