If you want a trip through the dark corners of your psyche, try and have a listen to UNRU from Bielefeld, Germany!  The words with which they describe themselves are saying a lot about the bands philosophy already I suppose... : "ecstasy, dissociation, escape, repression". Their music is an obscure mixture of Crust, Black Metal, Grind Core, Dark Hardcore and Sludge, all soaked with Noise and Drone! Their ecstatic music is supportet by the volaists depressive Shouts witch reflect both agression and melancholy ...Sometimes even dwelming into some "spoken word" style.

Also the lyrics and song titles open another interesting facette of the band... (..well maybe only for German-speaking listeners...). With titles like "Von der flüchtigkeit des seins" ("about the volatility of being") they create an atmosphere of Melancholy, depression and Nihilism. All their music is downloadable for free on bandcamp, so dont miss to expose yourself to this blackened grindcore Horror-trip!

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