Self Defense Family Dump

 Yeah, Self Defense Family is pretty fucking prolific.  With a revolving band with up to 20 members it's pretty hard keeping up with what they're putting out on a regular basis.  Here's a bunch of leftovers, splits, an album I've had left in my archives, as well as their last five Eps that I felt like sharing.  I've included the You Are Beneath Her EP, their split with Axis, their split with Stalwart Sons, their Indoor Windchimes/Cottaging 7", their Trying LP, their Tali/Taxying 7", their Performative Guilt 12", Working People Pt. 1 EP, Kitten Beach EP, Jesus Of Nazareth single, Leeds EP, Long Island, and Make Me A Pallet Fire On Your Floor B/W Local Clerics EP.  The last five SDF EPs are from their "Archives EP series."  Enjoy!

Self Defense Family-You Are Beneath Her EP (2013)
Self Defense Family/Axis-Split 7" (2013)
Self Defense Family/Stalwart Sons-Split 7" (2013)
Self Defense Family-Indoor Windchimes/Cottaging 7" (2014)
Self Defense Family-Try Me LP (2014)
Self Defense Family-Talia/Taxying 7" (2015)
Self Defense Family-Working People (PT. 1) EP (2018)
Self Defense Family-Performative Guilt 12" (2019)
Self Defense Family-Kitten Beach EP (2020)
Self Defense Family-Jesus Of Nazareth Single (2020)
Self Defense Family-Leeds EP (2020)
Self Defense Family-Long Island EP (2020)
Self Defense Family-Make Me A Pallet Fire On Your Floor/Local Clerics 7" (2020)

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