Sleeper Wave-Discography A Cassette (2020)

Country: USA
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Emo, Screamo

Label: Larry Records
Tracks: 16
Length: 33.40'

Sleeper Wave is a three piece band from Wilbraham, MA who formed in 2013.  Sleeper Wave play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo within their sound.  Musically, Sleeper Wave can be loosely compared to bands such as Todos Caeran, Adobe Homes, Aviator, My Fictions, We Were Skeletons, Caetena Collapse, Off Minor, Weak Teeth, and other like-minded bands.  Since forming in 2013, Sleeper Wave have released a self-titled demo in August of 2013, an eight song EP in November of 2015, contributed three songs to the Eight Feet Under 2x LP in June of 2017, and a split LP with People's Temple Project in February of 2019.  Discography A is the band's latest cassette, which was released via Larry Records on May 1st, 2020.  Discography A compiles the band's songs from Tracks from their split LP with People's Temple Project, their songs from the Eight Feet Under Vol 1. compilation, songs from their self titled cassette, and a demo from their tour cassette with People's Temple Project.  On Discography A, Sleeper Wave offer up sixteen tracks of tense and discordant sounding hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo.  Overall, Discography A makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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