Republic Of Dreams/Alles Brennt-Split 7" (2020)

Country: Germany
Genre: Hardcore, Punk, Screamo, Emoviolence
Label: React With Protest
Tracks: 9
Length: 8.25'

Republic Of Dreams are a Germay based hardcore, punk, screamo, and emoviolence band from who formed in 2012.  Republic Of Dreams play a killer style of music influenced by bands such as Orchid, Jerome's Dream, and Ampere.  Since forming in 2012, Republic Of Dreams have released a cover of Orchid's Eye Gouger for the Epilogue Of A Car Crash Orchid tribute LP in May of 2012, a split with Cloud Rat in May of 2013, a split with Beau Navire in May of 2013, and a split EP with Autarkeia in January of 2015.  On their side of the split, Republic Of Dreams offer up four tracks of vicious and chaotic as fuck sounding hardcore, punk, screamo, and emoviolece.  The next band up on the split is Alles Brennt.  Alles Brennt is a band from Versmold, Germany, who formed in 2019, from the looks of things.  Alles Brennt play a similarly minded style of hardcore, punk, screamo, and emoviolence.  On their side of the split, Alles Brennt offer up five tracks of chaotic and volatile sounding hardcore, punk, screamo, and emoviolence.  Overall, this is a killer split 7" and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!  This killer split 7" was released via React With Protest records on March 22nd, 2020.

Republic Of Dreams on Bandcamp
Alles Brennt on Bandcamp
React With Protest Records on Bandcamp
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KONG said...

REPUBLIC OF DREAMS are from germany! ex-louise cyphre/resurrectionists/the apoplexy twist orchestra.

Chris Morris said...

Lol. It said Texas on their bandcamp page. Lol