Osk - Wretched Existence//Bleak Future 2007-2010 (2012)

Well, I don't like to say that but Osk is probably my favorite band ever and you don't care. But at least, you know what kind of stuff I'm gonna share. Here's a compilation of their tracks on splits and compilations, on To Live A Lie Records. New 4 way Split soon w/ Magnum Force, Stapled Shut, and Vulva Essers. Will be available here as soon as possible.

Tracks 1-5 From Split w/ Scumbelly
Tracks 6-9 From Split w/ Roskopp
Tracks 10-13 From Split w/ Warhero
Tracks 14-16 From Split w/ The Afternoon Gentlemen
Tracks 17-20 Previously Unreleased
Track 21 From Intellect Comp.
Track 22 From CYCL 2 Comp.

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Osk - We Will Never Change (2014)
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