ART OF BURNING WATER - Between Life And Nowhere LP

GENRE: Hardcore, Crust, Noise Punk, Sludge, Metal
FFO: Corrupt Moral Altar, Cowards, Teething, Ravage Ritual

So apparently this album has been out for a little while but it was never properly announced. So, here it is. I'm pissed I didn't know about this in early July because this is a fantastic LP! If you don't know, Art Of Burning Water is a self-described steroided immigrant noise punk trio from the UK, even though they always come across to me as just good metallic crust. They say "Fuck your 1982 d-beat worship. D-beat went to college. This is PhD-beat infused urban heartcore of the worst kind." This band is pretty prolific too, just go check out all of their releases on their Bandcamp page. In fact, their next LP is already recorded, titled The Heart Can Only Take So Much, so be on the lookout for that if you are into this. But for now, check this out immediately because there isn't a bad song on here. Tons of catchy riffs and an abundance of headbanging heaviness. Order the LP from the links below if you so desire.

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