CHOLERA - Final Recordings EP

GENRE: Grindcore, Hardcore, Metal, Noise, Crust

We've got a special treat for you today, lads. A mystery EP from Durham, UK's Cholera. These blistering four tracks have been recorded for over 2 years but may or may not ever see a physical release due to the band's current state of hibernation. However, they were kind enough to share this with us because they know everyone here will appreciate it, and for that I thank them. Cholera has been around since 2012 and has two previous releases. 2012's Egotism is more on the noisy/chaotic side of things, while 2014's Plagiarised Hope marked a turn to straight up raw, nasty, super fast hardcore. It makes sense then that this "new" EP would continue in that vein of bludgeoning, oppressive hardcore that just smothers you with a wall of riffs and noise of the best kind. Also, if you listen close, you can hear guest vocals from Dustin of Funeral Chic on the final track, Opaque. Overall, this may be my favorite stuff from Cholera and it is obviously highly recommended. And, if you find yourself needing more after all of this, you need to check out GEIST as a few members of Cholera are currently playing in that band, who just happened to release a new killer split 7" themselves. Enjoy!

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