LOG DRIVER - Extinction Is Forever (2016)

GENRE: Blackened Grindcore, Crust, Metal, Hardcore
FFO: Hierophant, Torch Runner, Full Of Hell, Dead In The Dirt

Over the years of trolling Bandcamp to find cool new music, I've become increasingly numb by the jackassery that I see and hear, night in and night out. I honestly can't believe that some of these bands actually offer their wretched filth up to the public. And let's not even get started about band names or album covers, I don't want to have a stroke tonight. But, every once in a while, you will strike fucking gold. That recently happened to me in the form of this little nugget from Log Driver. Holy. Fucking. Shit. This is so good. And that's me saying this after I've binged on the new Trap Them all day, so you know this is serious. Log Driver is a new creation out of Mansfield, Connecticut from brothers Dave & Matt Kaminsky, who have always been in bands together, such as Stone Healer and Autolatry. While those bands have a decidedly more metal feel to them, the theme and lyrics for Log Driver stay just as serious while branching into more extreme, grindcore territory. Log Driver is self-described as Deforestation-core, and no this is not a joke as Matt, the drummer, works in sustainable farming. Therefore these issues have become the main theme of the band. Musically, what can I say. Do you remember back when Young And In The Way were REALLY good? Well, this is every bit as good as that. A lot of comparisons can also be made to the recent Funeral Chic LP if you happened to catch that. Honest, dirty, creative and catchy is how I'd describe these 4 songs. Each track is over 2 1/2 minutes so you get tons of cool progression and I guarantee you will not be bored. It's also worth noting that the songs add up to 13 minutes exactly. Very metal. Overall, this is highly recommended. I've listened to this MANY times already and the only bad thing I can say about it is that I wish there were more songs. Luckily, more recording for this band is on the horizon. They were cool enough to let me host a download here, but feel free to visit their Bandcamp page to support them. Hope you guys dig this as much as I do.

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