(U.S.) Barghest/Teeth-Split Cassette (2016)

Country: USA
Genre: Black Metal, Doom, Sludge

Label: GrimCVLT
Tracks: 5
Length: 44.0'

Barghest have emerged from the murky waters of the Mississippi River with the goal of unleashing strife and hate upon the landscape. These fours songs contain a caustic mix of early Black Metal tempered with the undying mentality and drive of Punk. With a growing reputation in tow, these Baton Rouge, LA natives look to further drive the stake of disdain and outright disgust for humanity into it’s heart. Ripe with blast beats that act as a tornado of razor blades and vocals that peel the paint off walls, and accompanied by chaotic guitars that beckon one to step foot in their moss-covered, humidity-choked crypt. On the other side of the spectrum dwells the sonic abomination known as TEETH, a witches cauldron of Death Metal, Black Metal and Doom. As a result of this repugnant alchemist's mixture of sound, TEETH have swirled these influences together, thus creating one thing: pure sonic devastation. These California natives have crafted a tapestry that further expands upon their maligned and highly regarded first release, Unremittance. This is a stunning composite of ideas wrapped tightly together and which operate like muscle fibers. (Press Note)

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