Sugar Wounds-Calico Dreams EP (2021)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore, Blackgaze, Screamo
Label: Self-Released
Tracks: 7
Length: 21.46'

Sugar Wounds is a band from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina who formed in 2017, from the looks of things.  Sugar Wounds play an experimental and progressive style og music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, post hardcore, punk, grindcore, and blackgaze, and screamo within their sound.  Looking at these combinations of genres of music left me scratching my head, but this combination of sounds somehow works in a really awesome way.  As far as comparisons go, I'm really at a loss of words, so your guess is good as mine.  Since forming in 2017, Sugar Wounds have released a self-titled four song EP in October of 2017.  Calico Dreams is the band's latest EP, which was released on March 25th, 2021.  On Calico Dreams. Sugar Wounds offer up seven tracks of spaced out/glitchy post metal, post hardcore, hardcore, punk, grindcore, blackgaze, and screamo.  Overall, Calico Dreams makes for an awesome listen and for such a unique combination of sounds, is really one of the  most unique releases I've heard all week.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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