Calendar Year-S/T EP (2021)

Country: USA
Genre: Post Hardcore, Punk, Alt. Rock, Emo, Screamo
Label: Self-Released
Tracks: 6
Length: 10.55'

Calendar Year is a band from West Lafayette, Indiana who formed in 2020, from the looks of things.  Calendar Year play an experimental style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, punk, alt. rock, emo, and screamo within their sound.  Since forming in 2020, Calendar Year have released a digital single titled Distance Is Just A Human Construct in May of 2020, a digital single titled February End in May of 2020, a two song EP titled fallingapartagain in October of 2020, a six song EP titled A Life Cycle in January of 2021, and a five way split EP with Face Turn, Lights Strung Like Stars, Slow Burn Daydream, and IGETBULLIEDBYTHEGHOSTINMYATTIC in February of 2021.  This is the band's latest EP, which was released on March 20th, 2021.  On their latest self-titled EP, Calendar Year offer up six tracks of experimental post hardcore, punk, alt. rock, emo, and screamo.  Overall, Calendar Year's latest EP makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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