Mi Amore - Discography (2002-2007) [REPOST]

GENRE: Punk Rock N' Roll, Hardcore
FFO: Cursed, Entombed, The Hellacopters, Kill Cheerleader
D/L "Crawlin' Kingsnake"
D/L "The Lamb"
D/L "The Lion"

*Here's another repost from 2014. I figure if I am going to repost Our Father, I should repost Mi Amore*

In a recent comment, someone suggested I do a Mi Amore post, so here it is. I think with all the amazing hardcore music being pumped out these days, it's easy to forget where it all came from. A ton of it came from Canada. I mean a TON. One of those cornerstone bands, in my personal opinion, is Mi Amore. They existed in the early-to-late 2000's alongside such bands as Cursed, Black Ships and Cobra Noir. If anti-Christian overtones laid out over top of riff after gloriously dark riff is your kind of thing, then you need to be listening to Mi Amore. They took the baton from Entombed and perfected the whole Death N' Roll movement. This is mid-tempo Black Sabbath-worship at it's finest. Their entire output consists of 2 LP's (Crawlin' Kingsnake 2002 & The Lamb 2005) and 1 EP (The Lion 2007).

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