(U.S.) Fall Of Messiah-Senicarne LP (2020)

Country: France
Genre: Post Rock, Math Rock, Screamo
Label: Holy Roar
Tracks: 9
Length: 36.05

Fall Of Messiah is a five piece band from St Jans Cappel, France who formed in the summer of 2008, from the looks of things.  Fall Of Messiah play a killer style of experimental post rock, math rock, and screamo.  Musically, Fall Of Messiah can be said to be influenced by bands such as Explosions In The Sky, Caspian, Russian Circles, and Pg. Lost.  Since their inception in 2008, Fall Of Messiah have released a four song EP titled How To Build A Chartiot in August of 2008, an eleven song LP titled How To Conceive A Bridge Between Circles in June of 2011, a six song EP titled How To See Beyond Fields in March of 2014, and a seven song LP titled Empty Colors in February of 2016.  Senicarne is the band's latest full-length LP, which was released via Holy Roar records on July 31st, 2020.  On Senicarne, Fall Of Messiah offer up nine new tracks of atmospheric and haunting post rock, math rock, and screamo.  Overall, Senicarne makes for a killer listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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Fall Of Messiah-Empty Colors LP (2016) 

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