(U.S.) Child Bite/Brain Tentacles-Split 7" (2019)

Country: USA
Genre: Metal, Punk, Noise Rock, Experimental

Label: Learning Curve Records
Tracks: 2
Length: 5.30'

split 7 in featuring exclusive burners from Child Bite and Brain Tentacles. Limited Edition colors are available. Hand made screened covers buy Child Bite members Sean and Shawn.

BRAIN TENTACLES is a journey in improvised and structured experimental sound from three venerable scene veterans that will consume, evolve and then regurgitate ambiguous noise upon its listeners. Based off a trio of drums (Dave Witte), saxophone (Bruce Lamont) and bass (Aaron Dallison), the multi-state project formed spontaneously via a road trip in 2013 and toured with Melt-Banana before they even had a bassist – until they found Dallison on one of those dates. The group then signed to Relapse Records to prepare for their debut full-length. Like many of their avant-garde peers, BRAIN TENTACLES‘ compositions very nearly careen off the edge into total chaos, but unlike many of those same peers, the band possesses the self-awareness and rhythmic prowess to (usually) rein in the mayhem at the last possible section; an act that will stimulate your cerebrum while simultaneously smashing it in. The band has already played high-profile shows with High on Fire, Eyehategod, Melt-Banana, Iron Reagan and many more.

Formed nearly 15 years ago, art-rock-turned-punk/metal mutants CHILD BITE have forged a unique path through the underground musical landscape. Their current formation, consisting of vocalist Shawn Knight, bassist Sean Clancy, guitarist Jeremy Waun, and a revolving cast of drummers, produces a sound directly informed by legendary pioneers such as Dead Kennedys, The Jesus Lizard, Voivod and Faith No More. Aggressive, anxiety-inducing songs that deftly balance their early-'80s-hardcore-meets-'90s-alt-rock/metal influences while never losing sight of the goal; creating unique, memorable songs. With four full-lengths, countless EPs and a two-disc anthology under their belt, as well as an Albini-engineered 5th LP due late 2019, these Detroit natives show no signs of slowing down. To date, CHILD BITE has played nearly 1000 shows throughout North America, Europe and Australia, including tours supporting renowned artists such as Down, Voivod, Negative Approach, Superjoint, Poison Idea, and Unsane.

(Press Note)

*Damn here's two new scorching metal/noise rock tracks from Detroit Michigan's Child Bite and Chicago, Il's Brain Tentacles.  Both bands offer up a song a piece on their latest split, which was released via Learning Curve records on September 4th, 2019.  Overall, this split 7" makes for an awesome listen and definitely should not be missed.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

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Brain Tentacles on Bandcamp
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