FUNERAL CHIC - Hatred Swarm (2016) [Streaming]

GENRE: Blackened Crust, Hardcore, Grindcore, Punk, Metal
FFO: Young And In The Way, Moral Void, Fever Dreams, Torch Runner

Straight out of the hills, Funeral Chic is coming to fuck your shit up. This is one of my favorite bands around right now, their debut EP is deadly, and now they have finally pulled back the curtain on their upcoming LP. Hatred Swarm is a perfect name for this record because after 20 minutes it will have you fucked up and pissed off. If you like any of the bands mentioned above, jump on this stream shit right now because this stands toe to toe with any of them. I listened to this all day at work and I wanted to fight everyone I saw. You can pre-order the digital version now at their Bandcamp page and you can pre-order the vinyl at To Live A Lie Records. Time to Die.


  1. Beyond stoked for this. Pre-ordered this and the new cara neir full length and the cara neir/wildspeaker split today. Now the worst part. The wait....

  2. Yep, pre-ordered today too. Next up for me is Trap Them and hopefully the Moral Void LP comes out soon. Im supposed to see them with Angry Gods next Sunday