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Hey everyone, this is long overdue, but we've finally added a link-only Chat Box. The main chat had become so active with links and discussions (a GREAT thing!), it sometimes ended up being TOO busy and I know some people missed out on some great stuff. I'm hoping that having a dedicated link chat will fix that issue. To be honest, I guessed on the sizes that these chats should be. I will probably keep adjusting them until I am happy with them. I have tested this layout on Chrome and Edge at 1920x1080 resolution and things seem to look OK. But I know that everyone's setup is probably different. So please, if something looks bad on your end, or if you have any other suggestions, please EMAIL ME.

The only drawback to this new chat is that the users do not carry over. If you were a registered user before, you will need to re-register. Of course this is totally optional, and is mainly for Admins and Mods.

PLEASE only use this new chat for LINKS. Let's try to keep the Thanks, Requests and Discussions in the main chat underneath. Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy.

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