WVRM - Where All Light Dies


This just made my fucking weekend. WVRM literally just released a new album, and it's one of the best things that will ever be featured on this blog. I was completely blown away by their debut 'Despair' late last year, and now, just a few months later, they spew out 8 more songs of hammering crust/hardcore. Unbelievable. The production on this new album is absolutely perfect, in my opinion. You could play this for anyone and tell them it's the newest thing on Southern Lord and no one would question you. If you haven't heard WVRM before, you can expect something akin to The Secret, Nails, Trap Them or Dead In The Dirt. Cassette copies of their debut are still available, I can only hope that this new album gets some sort of physical release as well. For now, you can find it on Bandcamp with a "name your price" option, so feel free to give them some $$$ for all their hard work. While it's far too early to call this a best of 2014 candidate, I can guarantee you that it ends up on my year end list. Excuse me while I go listen to this 100 more times.

- download -
1. Smell Ov Old Graves
2. Worse Than Alone
3. Carolina
4. Assisted Suicide
5. Noose Man
7. Wounded Dog
8. A Casket To Call Home

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