HELL YES. I was craving some evil-as-fuck hardcore punk rock n' roll, and Countress has delivered. Their Facebook bio states: "Countress is a heavy metal band from Reno, Nevada. With songs that touch on the subject matter of true crime, conspiracy, horror and anti-Christian themes Countress has been raising hell since late 2012. We speak for the hated and feared ones that were born to destroy. The Haellions, Satans sons. We ride for life. Coffin placed upon our backs.

Their debut full-length 'Ov Sin' came out last summer, but you can now download it for free. It totally reminds me of Hookers & Blade Of The Ripper, but fans of Burning Love & Entombed are also going to love this.

- download -
1. Haellions
2. Spirits
3. Spike The Hand
4. Hell Is Here
5. High Moon
6. Black Cloth
7. Origin