BLEED THE PIGS - Mortis Fatum


Fuck, I may be fucking dead after hearing this. Bleed The Pigs is female-fronted hardcore to end all female-fronted hardcore. This is some mind-meltingly harsh grindcore/powerviolence that also manages to squeeze in some Cursed-esque hooks & grooves plus some interesting and haunting instrumental aspects that instead of becoming boring or masturbatory, lend themselves perfectly to the rest of the EP. This thing is pretty massive as far as modern hardcore EP's go, clocking in at almost 14 minutes. I can't even talk about the vocals, they just have be heard. Countless comparisons could be made to End Reign, Dead In The Dirt, All Pigs Must Die, Enabler, Ravage Ritual, Full Of Hell etc, etc. But honestly, this holds up to each one of those bands. It looks like all their tapes are sold out, but at least you can download it. Easily my favorite thing I've heard this year.

- download -
2. Rot
3. Scum Fucker
4. Endless Void
5. May
6. Stuck

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