UBOA - Jouissance


UBOA - From Melbourne Australia, dropped a ferocious LP back in Autumn 2013. 6 tracks of sheer noise terror! The lyrics are horrific. The music is horrific. The entire fucking mood of the album is designed to antagonize the listener, to awaken in them some kind of cathartic anger.

Bleak sludge with buckets of distortion and terrifying shrill vocals - All in all creating a dark, droning metallic white noise. It's quite simply exhausting!  The album is up for free download on their Bandcamp page.

- download -
1. Sakura
2. Hair, Skin, Nails
3. I Will Choke You Until You Like It
4. Become Meat
5. I Am Taking All Of You With Me
6. Jouissance
7. Avalon

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