HOST - Death Will Claim These Tired Bones


Last summer, Boston's HOST, like all great bands eventually do, called it quits, leaving behind 12 songs of incredibly brutal, gritty, honest hardcore spread across 3 releases. They are still one of my favorites and you can read my obituary for them here, and download their prior records also. At the time, their debut full-length LP was basically done, but it's future was uncertain. Band members had seemed to move on to other things, playing in Negligence, Death Injection, Youth Funeral, Human Bodies & Guilt. Fast-forward to early 2014 and you have just hit the jackpot. Not only has their LP "Death Will Claim These Tired Bones" been made available for download, but a limited vinyl release is coming soon. 

Normally, this is the spot where a link would go for a free download. But, for this one you're going to have to cough up the $6. As their last offering to the world, all proceeds from this digital release will go to help the singer's fiancee Ana pay for the serious medical costs of her pancreatitis liver failure treatment. So, it's for a good cause for some good people, so just do it. Just take a listen below, this unreleased stuff is amazing and it's everything I expected it to be. Worth every damned cent.

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