HOME - Bound To Gravity


You simply MUST check out this debut album from Innsbruck's HOME. I'm seeing a lot of places describe them as stoner, sludge or post-hardcore, but I don't think I would stick them in any of those categories. All I know is that this is some HEAVY, rocking shit. Production sounds sooooo fucking good. Why do 3-pieces always sound so goddamned heavy? And, this CD is out on a label that actually gets it, they happily offer free downloads. So if you like this at all, please pick up a copy of the CD from Sound Zero. Some words from their bio:
"It all started in Austria back in 2009, when three longtime buddies gave up playing in separate bands and began creating music together. Just half a year later they released their first, self-titled EP, followed by a tour right across Germany. After that, the guys went into HOME's own studio to get the album done, supervised by their own drummer. In contrast to modern 'Pro-Tools' albums they decided to record the album live and without a metronome. The aim was to get an organic, raw and heavy sound."
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1. Hole
2. Next To Last
3. No Way Out My Friend
4. Not Even Me
5. Burlesque
6. Old Hand
7. Kyoto
8. Horsecable
9. Dead City

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