NEQUIENT - Not Being Able


Man, this 6-song demo from Chicago's Nequient gets meaner & filthier with every track. Insane, vile dual-vocals, speaker shredding guitars & drums that never slow down is what you're going to have here. Listing influences as Disfear, Disrupt, Wolfbrigade, Victims, Doom & Skitsystem, the band is made up of current and past members of: Blood of the Tyrant, Deus Absconditus, Heaving Mass, Lost Dog, Nucleus, Trifog and Urethra Franklin & the Ghetto Children. Celebrate the Sabbath with Nequient.

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1. Anti-Life
2. Pigs Meat
3. Comfortable Disease
4. Empowered Cancer
5. Stravinsky Riot
6. DogEatDog

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