NINE ELEVEN - 24 Years


Nine Eleven is a French band that doesn't necessarily seem to have political motivations, but it's clear that their intentions are to be a positive force in this world. Musically, they are a very tight, concise & powerful brand of hardcore and I could compare them to bands like Jungbluth & Alpinist, or even Loma Prieta or Code Orange Kids. "24 Years" is a self released record on the band's own Nine Eleven Conspiracy label, so if you like it, pick it up from them. You can also download their previous releases via Bandcamp below. As for the overall concept of this new record, the band can probably explain it much better than me:

"24 years" is a kind of 6 acts tragedy, relating sensible experiences we got from this world in a chronological narrative order, that the weft and literary structure is inspired straight from Goethe's "Faust". This record is about the story of the One who's living, the ones who're singing it along, and the monster who's looking for turning everything alive into incorporated death."

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1. Fleeing From God...
2. ...Defying The Sea
3. Face The Triangle
4. Into The Storm
5. Under The Foam
6. Never Fear A Goodbye

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