HospitalxBomber hails from Boston and has been around  for a few years. Last November they dropped a 5-song demo that I just recently found out about. This is some crazy fastcore and grind-punk filled with tons of neck-snapping grooves and breakdowns. It's really heavy, really fast & really catchy. If I had to compare them with other bands, they would be ACxDC, Sick/Tired or IRA Graves. My only complaint is that overall, the recording sounds very thin. That could be because it's just a demo, or because I don't believe they have a bass player? Either way, really looking forward to hearing more from them and hoping they get a bigger sound next time.

- download -
1. From Edge To Heroin
2. Faux News
4. Suckerstone
5. Confessions Of A Serial Killer

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