HEXIS - Abalam


HEXIS from Copenhagen, Denmark have recently dropped their debut full length LP, 13 blistering tracks of face melting Blackened Hardcore - The album is currently up for free download on their Bandcamp page, get involved!

I had the pleasure of catching these guys live in London a few years ago during their self-funded tour of Europe with "This Gift Is A Curse" from Sweden! A ferocious live show in a dark beer soaked pub basement!

- download -
1. Faciem
2. Tenebris
3. Exanimis
4. Desolatum
5. Sequax
6. Supplex
7. Abalam
8. Immolabant
9. Exhausit
10. Timor
11. Exterminati
12. Neglexerunt
13. Inferis

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