WORMS FEED - S​/​T MMXII (High Quality Update)


I've mentioned Worms Feed from Belgium before, but let me just remind you that this band was fucking amazing! This recording is so god damned good. It broke my heart when they called it quits a few months ago, but what is even more of a crime is that this is never going to get a proper vinyl release. At least the band has finally made the album available for a high-quality download. Their bandcamp page only has 200 free downloads so if you aren't gonna donate any cash to them for it, it would probably help them out if you use my download link below.

If you don't like this, you are forever banned from this blog.

download -
1. She Sang
2. Crawling In Reverse
3. Trashcanman
4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
5. I Thought We Banned People Like You
6. Little Love Bird
7. Hank Williams Is Gone
8. Heading Nowhere Fast
9. Rehearsing Affection
10. Maggots Turn To Flies
11. Worms Feed On Us

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