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OK, so Hombre Malo is not a new band at all, but they are new to me, so fuck it, i'm gonna talk about them. Plus, every single download link for them on the web is dead, so I thought it would be a worthy mention. The band is from Oslo, Norway and contains former members of Ictus & Sons Of Saturn. I don't know either one of those bands either, but maybe it means something to you. Hombre Malo seems to get categorized as punk/doom/stoner stuff, which is usually a no-go for me. But, their Split LP with Desert Icons is fucking intense. Yeah it has fuzzed out guitars and tons of grooves but the production gives it a massive wall-of-crust feel to it. The Desert Icons side is pretty damn good too and in the same vein. I could only find their 1st LP and the Split LP mentioned above. They also have split 7" with Jack The Bearded Fisherman which you can buy here, and a brand new 7" but I can't find any info on it at all. Anyway, if you are into crusty doom-punk, definitely check them out. And if you have any of their stuff I am missing, feel free to contact me on the right->

- download -
1. 68 (Dolls)
2. Over This Darkness
3. Inoperative Receptors
4. Burial Ground For A Past Life
5. The Search (Desert Icons)
6. Animal Rage (Desert Icons)
7. Time For The Storm (Desert Icons)

1. Armour
2. Towers Fall At Night
3. Rolling Truck
4. Reilly's Armies

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