Brutal metallic crust/hardcore from Moscow, Russia. 
FFO Entombed, Converge, Harm's Way, All Pigs Must Die, Enabler, Trap Them, Hessian etc.. etc...

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1. Fire Burst Into A Blaze
2. Isolation
3. Alco Side
4. Dead Beat Circus

1. The Corrupted
2. Old Colonel Matterson
3. Demons Swarm
4. Groveller (The Chains)
5. Ride To Nowhere (The Chains)
6. Dancing With The Spades (The Chains)

1. Swap Your Guts For Melons
2. God's Tearstrain
3. Metaphorazine
4. Pervertito
5. Buried So Deep
6. Whalers

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