BURNING LOVE - Unreleased Demos (2007-2009)

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Burning Love started in 2007 as a side project to the Toronto bands Cursed and Our Father. It was not until the sudden breakup of Cursed that the band began writing and recording full-time. Following the dissolution of Cursed in 2008, Burning Love recorded a 5-song demo and released it on cassette. The demo was later pressed into a self-titled 7 inch in 2009 and released first on British label Thirty Days of Night Records (to coincide with a UK tour), and then domestically in April, 2010 on Deranged Records. This is the demo we have all come to know and love. But did you know there was another?

The band actually started recording their first EP in 2007. Engineering the session was Sean Pearson, who either recorded or mixed every Cursed record. It was also 5 songs, 3 of which (Lives Of The Saints, Alien VS. Creditor, Money Shots) ended up being re-recorded for the demo. Internet Exploder was later renamed to High Speed Wires for the "Songs For Burning Lovers" LP and Busted, which has never been formally released. According to frontman Chris Colohan, this early EP was just over-mixed until the band hated it. A final mix was never agreed upon, and the project was eventually abandoned. Soon thereafter, the "official" demo was recorded live one night in their jam space. But now thanks to the kindness of Mr. Colohan, in the spirit of The Stooges Funhouse Sessions & The Misfits Boxset, you can hear the rough, raw Burning Love EP that never was. Enjoy.

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Lives Of The Saints
Money Shots
Internet Exploder

But that's not quite all. I also have a few more gems to share with you. A pair of practice space demos from 2008 that were recorded by guitarist Andrus Meret (Busted & Internet Exploder), and a smoking demo version of Gain from 2009, a song that ended up on the "Songs For Burning Lovers" LP. While these are definitely a treat for any Burning Love fan, don't expect pristine quality on these.

****These were put on Bandcamp for sharing purposes only. This shit is definitely NOT for sale****

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