HEARTLESS [R.I.P.] - Discography


Heartless was an AMAZINGLY brutal hardcore/punk/grind band from Pittsburgh, PA. Every single one of their songs fucking rages, they're pound-for-pound one of the best hardcore bands and they're way up there on my favorites list. "Hell Is Other People" is probably the best album title to ever exist. Unfortunately, they decided to call it quits earlier this month. Fucking devastating. They will no longer be participating in their planned October tour. That's it, the end. It's shitty news but hopefully they will go on to make more music in other bands, and at least they left behind a discography that's worth it's weight in gold:

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1. Ruin
2. Unsewn
3. Vignette
4. Wrung Out
5. Excess
6. Mute
7. Unhinged
8. Certain Death

1. Clean Slate
2. Resuscitate/Suffocate
3. Cede
4. Late
5. Undulations
6. Tight Grip
7. Deject
8. Pathogen
9. Out Of Focus
10. Cast Down
11. Blinders
12. Cop Out
13. Hard Feelings

1. Absent
2. Buried
3. Concrete
4. Disgust
5. End Of The Line

SPLIT 7" w/THE BLIND (2010) Heartless songs only
1. Unending Ache
2. On My Head
3. The Same
4. I Despise

1. Stagnant
2. Broken Glass
3. Blank Pages
4. Life Of A Ghost
5. Legacy
6. Never Enough
7. Heartless

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