JACKALS - Dronepunk


Looks like it's a hardcore-Australia Sunday, Jackals is another newer band from Sydney. They caught my interest earlier this year with their hilarious, smartass Facebook updates but I knew their shit was for real when they started teasing their new CD. That disc, titled 'Dronepunk', is out now on Art As Catharsis Records. Downloads are free and you can get the limited-to-100 CD, complete with awesome post-apocalyptic Beavis & Butthead-looking artwork, at the label's Bandcamp site. As far as the music goes, well it's Dronepunk; a mix of sludge-infused, punk and doom-laden hardcore. Think Cursed & Trap Them mixed with the doom-like tendencies of Gaza. Then add some of the intricate guitar work you might find on a Converge album, but subtract the bullshit pretentiousness you might also find on that same Converge album. Like they say, Dronepunk. Eat it.

- download -
1. Alpha & Omega
2. Eyeless/Dreaming
3. Dancing To The Pulse
4. This Madman Is Me
5. God Is In The Numbers
6. Claw Marks In The Ether
7. Jackals

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