OK, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if a band sounds even remotely like Cursed, or if they list Cursed as an influence, that band is going to end up on this site. I can tell you that personally, I am on a never-ending musical quest to find the band that comes closest to filling the void that Cursed left, and that quest is basically the impetus behind this blog. It's bands like Cross Builder from Austin, Texas that give me hope. They are a newer 3-piece that had their first show in May of this year and are getting set to unleash a 4-song cassette on Anvileater Records in early October. The EP is streaming on their Bandcamp page and the 2nd song, Bad Vibes, is able to be downloaded. It's got perfect production and is jam-packed with what I like to call Cursed-riffs & Cursed-drums. Bands either have those things or they don't. Cross Builder's got them. Follow this band.

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