MØRKT KAPITTEL - Self-Titled 7" & Gro Igjen LP


Mørkt Kapittel is a hardcore crust/punk band from Trondheim, Norway. Formed in 2007, they have put out a 7" and a 1-sided LP with an etched B-side. I'm not going to say they are a melodic hardcore band, but their songs are very catchy and have a weird way of making you think they are going to be nicer than they are. If that makes any sense. I can say they kind of remind me of Alpinist or Jungbluth if that sways you at all.

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1. Mekanisk Liv
2. Sår 
3. I Kjævan
4. En Ny Vår

1. Liten fabel 
2. Dømmekraften 
3. Det her e en drøm / Oppvåkningen
4. Lenka te håpet

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