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This sucks. i cant work. i cant go out. and i'm praying that this nonsense goes away before before september. i have tickets to see faith no more, korn, helmet, and '68 then and if that gets canceled im gonna lose it. ive loved faith no more for years and have never gotten to see them so this is a big deal to me. speaking of things ive loved for years, im gonna gets this countdown started. aint got shit else to do besides drink and jerk off and ive already done one today and im doing the other now. ill let wonder which is which. so here we go...

50. Coffinworm-"When all Became None" 2010

it really is a shame these guys didn't last longer. they were a perfect blend of black metal and doom.

49. Cattle Press-"Hordes to Abolish the Devine" 2000

a noisy, sludgy mess of an album with excellent percussion. another band i wish would have lasted longer.

48. Deadguy-"Fixation on a Coworker" 1995

the perfect metalcore album. a timeless album thats just as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

47. Mark Lanegan Band-"Bubblegum" 2004

i always knew of mark lanegan. but i have to give credit where credit is due. qotsa (who i avoid now due to josh hommes excessive douchebaggery) "songs for the deaf" is what got me hooked on mark lanegan. theres comfort in those deep, whiskey soaked vocals.

46. Samael-"Ceremony of Opposites" 1994

this is one of those albums that its impossible not to get lost in. headphones are necessary

45. Behemoth-"The Satanist" 2014

full disclosure, i never knew much about behemoth until this album blew up like it did 6 years ago. its very rare that i feel that the praise heaped on albums by music critics is deserved, this is the exception. ill happily admit to jumping on that behemoth bandwagon.

44. Lord Mantis-"Pervertor" 2012

god that album art. as disturbing as it is, it doesnt even come close to what awaits when you hit play...

43. Melvins-"Hostile Ambient Takeover" 2002

i love the melvins. it was really hard to narrow down nearly 40 years and countless releases worth of music for this list. i settled on a few. this is probable one the most accessible melvins albums for newcomers but it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding for old timers like me.

42. Slayer-"Seasons in the Abyss" 1990

"dead skin mask" will always be one of the creepiest songs ever made by humans

41. Lair of the Minotaur"-War Metal Battle Master" 2008

lair of the minotaur combined 2 of my favorite things: greek mythology and metal. this is the pinnacle of their achievements.

on a serious note, i joked around in the opening but this covid 19 mess is serious. governments and leaders are telling us stay inside for a reason. we need to listen. the only way we're gonna come out the other side is to listen to what were being told today. stay inside. it sucks. i know. but if we all work together it will pass. be well people.


Flei said...

Deadguy ftw!
Great list, Jerm. Stay safe and sound.

Krustie said...

Nice list Jerm and well all need healthy ever

Chris Morris said...

Stay safe dude!